Who are the best custom knife makers

If you have been looking for some renowned custom knife makers in the world, that are unmatched, then you need to check out these expert craftsmen. Check out knives by Rick Hinderer, Chris Reeve, and even Duane Dwyer as well as other types of craftsmen out there.

These are the knife makers that have spent a lot of blood, sweat, and tears as well as time in fine tuning all of their designs in an unparalleled variety of knives that combine great construction and craft with amazing artisanship. You will often see work of legends such as Ken Onion, Brian Tighe, and William Henry in high quality brands. A custom knife maker will always have their own special set of characteristics in their products as well as various categories of knives to the table. Most of custom knives are made from Damascus steel and will use only the best materials out there.

If you are a savvy knife collector, then you have to have at least one custom knife in your arsenal of collectibles. From folding knives to high end show pieces to even functional knives, the one person you will want to make your knife is going to be Brian Fellhoelter. He has established a well known name for himself in the 10 years that he has been making custom knives. He has many awards and only custom designs top quality outdoor knives that you can put to the test. The creative and innovative outdoor designs have blended functionality and aesthetics together. If you wanting someone who has more than 10 years, then look at Hawaiian knife maker, Scot Matsuoka. He began making knifes at age 9 and he has only improved as the years passed by.

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