What Is A Master Bladesmith

You may have heard of the term Master Bladesmith, but do you know what it is? Well, it is a job title given to the most elite sword crafting people on earth, but there’s a catch to this awesome title. When it comes to landing a job, it can be very challenging with less than 200 Master Bladesmith positions available – worldwide! Talk about what it is these people do.

More than just being a hobby knife maker, these professionals have spent a long time working towards their job title, and you better believe they take it seriously. From learning to be an apprentice to having one of your own, is a long road. There are many trials one has to endure to show their knowledge, skills and experience.

Master Bladesmiths are experienced in making various types of blade styles, shapes, and swords with various features, patterns, you name it these guys should know how to do it. Like a well-known furniture maker, a Master Bladesmith pays close attention to detail, ensuring every blade is made to the highest quality possible.

When making a sword, a Master Bladesmith must be able to take a slab of metal, and hand craft it into a sword that will not chip, crack, or break under normal or heavy use. They know the techniques of ancient blacksmithing and use that to produce swords that do not break under pressure, even when forced into a 90-degree angle.


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