How To Choose a Custom Knife

If you are looking into buying custom knifes, it doesn’t matter if you’re looking for high quality custom knifes for the kitchen or your pocket, those that use knifes know the importance in owning a reliable blade that is able to handle what you need it too, when you need it. We will cover some tips on what to look for when shopping for custom knifes.

The Material

These are the first two things you want to look at when buying custom knifes. You want something that will cut through whatever you need it too. This could be red meat with ease, cutting trees, or peeling back the fuselage of a helicopter. The type of metal will be important. Stainless steel is a common option with kitchen knives, where carbon steel is a quality metal for survival knifes.

The Handle

This is the next area you want to look at, as holding a knife needs to be secure and comfortable. In the kitchen, you’re usually slicing food and may not need as many features for grip, such as finger grips like a survival knife. When it comes to custom survival style knifes, you want to know what they handle is made of, and if it’s hollow or solid. This will tell you if it will break easily.

The Tang

This is the term for the piece of metal as a whole, from blade to handle. They can be a full tang, which will give you the most secure and strongest handles, and go down to lesser amounts of metal in the handle, often for hollow space. This can lead to breakage in heavy use.


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