How To Become a Master Bladesmith

When we think of a Master Bladesmith, one vision that comes to mind may be of a person hammering on heated steel to form one of the strongest blades known to man. As this is what they have worked their whole life’s for, there may be good reason behind that. But, how does one become a Master?

To start the journey of being a Master Bladesmith, a person will need to enjoy making blades as more than a hobby. Blacksmithing will need to be a way of life, as it requires lots of experience, dedication and dexterity to become a Master Bladesmith.

First, becoming an apprentice is key. Here, you will undergo learning and education in the ancient ways of Blacksmithing. This is where you will learn all the traits needed to advance your career into being a Master. Once ready, an apprentice is taken through a series of trials to test out their craftsmanship.

First, the blade must cut a hanging piece of loose rope, in a single swipe. Second, the blade will be used to chop through multiple pieces of 2×4 wood, followed by the final test of pending the tip at a 90-degree angle. These test for sharpness, chipping or cracking, and breakage. If any of these occur, the blade will be a failure and the apprentice starts over.

If a blade does make it through these three tests, it will still be ruined by the final test. The next trial requires five blades being created and judged by a group of peers, only then do they step closer to the title of Master Bladesmith. Which, there are only about 200 positions of Master Bladesmith worldwide, good luck finding an opening.

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