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Latest on Rambo

There are a lot of cutlery out there that make camping fun and there are a lot of knives out there based on the Rambo movies. Many like the basic ideas behind them. Firstly, how many collectors out there will tell you that they have the First Blood knife made by Jimmy Lile? The manufacturer originally gave me one almost 20 years ago and I did a heck of an industry test on it. It turned out that this knife even with the hollowed handle emergency kit, it was still a great piece to own.

If you happen to start with an idea that tactical knives are made to do more than more than one thing, sometimes you will just go to the Lile Rambo knife, which is a great knife for basically everything. I have noticed that many people claim that it is too heavy to carry around, but I find that the weight has nothing to do with how well it cuts. Not everyone will love this type of knife, but for the ones that do, these types of knives are great.

The main issue with the Rambo knives it that the owners want to make sure that this knife looks nice when it is displayed. Many have seen Rambo’s knife become larger with each movie. By time Rambo III came out, the knife was about the size of a short sword. This is because Rambo has been battling troops in Afghanistan instead of living in the wilderness. If you are wanting a more useful knife that is connected with the Spetsnaz troops, then you need the Hibben III model for your Rambo knife.

Who could really assume that 20 years later, we would have an additional Rambo movie to add to the collection? The newest bad guys are there for Rambo to cause chaos with are from the Myanmar or Burma dictatorship that you may see in the paper. While as a civilian, I would possibly be equipped with an earlier Rambo knife, as the newest knife appeared to be more for chopping trees. Normally this is common in Southeast Asia as a parang machete. In the movie, you see Rambo actually hand forge this knife. Gil Hibben made several types for this film before deciding the one seen.

Because of this film, there are a lot of Chinese replicated knives. The truth is that the previous cutlery from the Rambo films are much better when compared to what consumers have now. Normally the modern knife is a bit smaller, but the new Rambo IV knife is one that you would see in a blacksmiths store. Even though it seems basic, it is really comfortable. The actual knife tips the scales at 30 oz. Each knife has a leather scabbard to store it. It can be on the expensive side as it retails for $150.


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