What Is A Master Bladesmith

You may have heard of the term Master Bladesmith, but do you know what it is? Well, it is a job title given to the most elite sword crafting people on earth, but there’s a catch to this awesome title. When it comes to landing a job, it can be very challenging with less than 200 Master Bladesmith positions available – worldwide! Talk about what it is these people do.

More than just being a hobby knife maker, these professionals have spent a long time working towards their job title, and you better believe they take it seriously. From learning to be an apprentice to having one of your own, is a long road. There are many trials one has to endure to show their knowledge, skills and experience.

Master Bladesmiths are experienced in making various types of blade styles, shapes, and swords with various features, patterns, you name it these guys should know how to do it. Like a well-known furniture maker, a Master Bladesmith pays close attention to detail, ensuring every blade is made to the highest quality possible.

When making a sword, a Master Bladesmith must be able to take a slab of metal, and hand craft it into a sword that will not chip, crack, or break under normal or heavy use. They know the techniques of ancient blacksmithing and use that to produce swords that do not break under pressure, even when forced into a 90-degree angle.


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How To Choose a Custom Knife

If you are looking into buying custom knifes, it doesn’t matter if you’re looking for high quality custom knifes for the kitchen or your pocket, those that use knifes know the importance in owning a reliable blade that is able to handle what you need it too, when you need it. We will cover some tips on what to look for when shopping for custom knifes.

The Material

These are the first two things you want to look at when buying custom knifes. You want something that will cut through whatever you need it too. This could be red meat with ease, cutting trees, or peeling back the fuselage of a helicopter. The type of metal will be important. Stainless steel is a common option with kitchen knives, where carbon steel is a quality metal for survival knifes.

The Handle

This is the next area you want to look at, as holding a knife needs to be secure and comfortable. In the kitchen, you’re usually slicing food and may not need as many features for grip, such as finger grips like a survival knife. When it comes to custom survival style knifes, you want to know what they handle is made of, and if it’s hollow or solid. This will tell you if it will break easily.

The Tang

This is the term for the piece of metal as a whole, from blade to handle. They can be a full tang, which will give you the most secure and strongest handles, and go down to lesser amounts of metal in the handle, often for hollow space. This can lead to breakage in heavy use.


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How To Become a Master Bladesmith

When we think of a Master Bladesmith, one vision that comes to mind may be of a person hammering on heated steel to form one of the strongest blades known to man. As this is what they have worked their whole life’s for, there may be good reason behind that. But, how does one become a Master?

To start the journey of being a Master Bladesmith, a person will need to enjoy making blades as more than a hobby. Blacksmithing will need to be a way of life, as it requires lots of experience, dedication and dexterity to become a Master Bladesmith.

First, becoming an apprentice is key. Here, you will undergo learning and education in the ancient ways of Blacksmithing. This is where you will learn all the traits needed to advance your career into being a Master. Once ready, an apprentice is taken through a series of trials to test out their craftsmanship.

First, the blade must cut a hanging piece of loose rope, in a single swipe. Second, the blade will be used to chop through multiple pieces of 2×4 wood, followed by the final test of pending the tip at a 90-degree angle. These test for sharpness, chipping or cracking, and breakage. If any of these occur, the blade will be a failure and the apprentice starts over.

If a blade does make it through these three tests, it will still be ruined by the final test. The next trial requires five blades being created and judged by a group of peers, only then do they step closer to the title of Master Bladesmith. Which, there are only about 200 positions of Master Bladesmith worldwide, good luck finding an opening.

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Best Hunting Knife

If you are looking for a hunting knife and want to know some of the best on the market, then you have come to the right spot. The following knifes are known for remaining sharp for long periods so they are ready when you need them. From pig skinning, carpet cutting, and leather slicing to still being able to cleanly slice through the page of a magazine, these are your best bets.

Browning Featherweight Fixed Semi-Skinner – $73

This knife measures just over 8 inches with a blade just under 4 inches. The total weight is only 7.6oz and made from AUS-8A steel. It’s got a hollow-ground drop point skinner, and comes with a nylon sheath to protect it from the elements. The down side is, the handle can be a little slick, but the deep finger grooves make up for it.

HelleSylvsteinen – $140

This design measures 9 ¾ inches with a blade nearly 5.5 inches and weighs just 5.17oz. This makes it light enough to carry without an issue. The blade is made with high carbon steel between 18/8 stainless steel to give it the edge retention and hardness you need. It comes with a leather sheath, which will ensure your blade stays in great shape.

Puma SGB Deadwood Canyon – $50

If you are on a budget, this is a great option. Measuring a full 8 inches, with the blade measuring 3.8 inches, it weighs just 4.6 ounces. The blade is created with 440A stainless steel, giving you a good quality cut every time. It also comes with a full leather sheath for protection.


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Who are the best custom knife makers

If you have been looking for some renowned custom knife makers in the world, that are unmatched, then you need to check out these expert craftsmen. Check out knives by Rick Hinderer, Chris Reeve, and even Duane Dwyer as well as other types of craftsmen out there.

These are the knife makers that have spent a lot of blood, sweat, and tears as well as time in fine tuning all of their designs in an unparalleled variety of knives that combine great construction and craft with amazing artisanship. You will often see work of legends such as Ken Onion, Brian Tighe, and William Henry in high quality brands. A custom knife maker will always have their own special set of characteristics in their products as well as various categories of knives to the table. Most of custom knives are made from Damascus steel and will use only the best materials out there.

If you are a savvy knife collector, then you have to have at least one custom knife in your arsenal of collectibles. From folding knives to high end show pieces to even functional knives, the one person you will want to make your knife is going to be Brian Fellhoelter. He has established a well known name for himself in the 10 years that he has been making custom knives. He has many awards and only custom designs top quality outdoor knives that you can put to the test. The creative and innovative outdoor designs have blended functionality and aesthetics together. If you wanting someone who has more than 10 years, then look at Hawaiian knife maker, Scot Matsuoka. He began making knifes at age 9 and he has only improved as the years passed by.

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What’s the best bowie knife?

When it comes to the bowie knife, choosing the best can be a challenge because there is not specific definition. The original design was created by Col. James Bowie, who wanted a portable fighting style knife that needed to be longer than dagger, and shorter than a saber. It’s been stated by historians that a bowie “needs to be long like a sword, sharp like a razor, wide enough to paddle, and heavy like a hatchet”.

With all this, below are three of the top bowie knifes on the market:

Stag – $131

This one is produced by PUMA, with a razor style blade that features a 6-inch blade and weighs in at 8 ounces. You will find the nylon sheath helps keep it protected from the elements. With a full tang design, you can ensure the handle will withstand anything you need it too.

BK9 – $134

This design is produced by Kabar and also has a razor style blade that measures 9 inches in length and weighs in at 1 pound. It also comes with a nylon sheath that gets the job done and keeps your sword ready for use. It also has a full tang, so you don’t have to stress over the handle. If you need a longer blade than the Stag offers, this is a good option.

Natchez – $699

Produced by Cold Steel, this design also features a razor style blade and measures 11 ¾ inches, but weighs in at 20oz. Making this the longest and heaviest on the list. The sheath is made of leather, which is often preferred over nylon. It is also a partial tang design, and the most expensive on the list.

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Latest on Rambo

There are a lot of cutlery out there that make camping fun and there are a lot of knives out there based on the Rambo movies. Many like the basic ideas behind them. Firstly, how many collectors out there will tell you that they have the First Blood knife made by Jimmy Lile? The manufacturer originally gave me one almost 20 years ago and I did a heck of an industry test on it. It turned out that this knife even with the hollowed handle emergency kit, it was still a great piece to own.

If you happen to start with an idea that tactical knives are made to do more than more than one thing, sometimes you will just go to the Lile Rambo knife, which is a great knife for basically everything. I have noticed that many people claim that it is too heavy to carry around, but I find that the weight has nothing to do with how well it cuts. Not everyone will love this type of knife, but for the ones that do, these types of knives are great.

The main issue with the Rambo knives it that the owners want to make sure that this knife looks nice when it is displayed. Many have seen Rambo’s knife become larger with each movie. By time Rambo III came out, the knife was about the size of a short sword. This is because Rambo has been battling troops in Afghanistan instead of living in the wilderness. If you are wanting a more useful knife that is connected with the Spetsnaz troops, then you need the Hibben III model for your Rambo knife.

Who could really assume that 20 years later, we would have an additional Rambo movie to add to the collection? The newest bad guys are there for Rambo to cause chaos with are from the Myanmar or Burma dictatorship that you may see in the paper. While as a civilian, I would possibly be equipped with an earlier Rambo knife, as the newest knife appeared to be more for chopping trees. Normally this is common in Southeast Asia as a parang machete. In the movie, you see Rambo actually hand forge this knife. Gil Hibben made several types for this film before deciding the one seen.

Because of this film, there are a lot of Chinese replicated knives. The truth is that the previous cutlery from the Rambo films are much better when compared to what consumers have now. Normally the modern knife is a bit smaller, but the new Rambo IV knife is one that you would see in a blacksmiths store. Even though it seems basic, it is really comfortable. The actual knife tips the scales at 30 oz. Each knife has a leather scabbard to store it. It can be on the expensive side as it retails for $150.


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